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MB, ASP, Relo


Windermere Real Estate/Snohomish, Inc.

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Snohomish, WA 98290

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The three steps in finding the most qualified agent to represent you. 1.) Pick the Company. Windermere Real Estate - Windermere is notable for having extremely knowledgeable and the most highly trained professionals around - and is the reason, I, without hesitation am affiliated with Windermere Real Estate. Windermere proudly & respectively leads the market in home sales & purchases, for your community: in Snohomish, King and Skagit Counties. 2.) Choose the Branch/Brokerage Office - For example: Why chose a representative from Windermere/ "South" - vs- Windermere/Snohomish. If this is a question for you as a Buyer or a Seller, the answer is: CHOOSE A LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE. Think of choosing an agent, like that of a department store specialist. Under the umbrella company name, Windermere - the Windermere Real Estate/ Snohomish Inc. Brokerage Office - is the department within the company. The Brokerage offices are strategically located and employ, train & mentor top professionals to be resident experts on the market in the areas in which they are located. The local branch agents are going to know the market in that area, better than any other outlying office. As a Snohomish resident, I not only work in this area, but live here as well - giving me a vested interest in knowing the real estate market, as it pertains to my own valuable real estate investment. As a local agent, I offer: accurate knowledge, regarding the commute times and best routes options. Information about the local school districts, both private and public. Insight on homes that have sold both publicly and privately - and know how those homes affect the price of your home. 3.) Select an individual agent. - TANYA MOCK, REALTOR/Accredited Staging Professional: When choosing the individual agent who will represent you, ask yourself some of the following questions: *Am I comfortable in the company of my agent? Does he/she put my mind at ease and evoke questions or encourage my interaction? *Do they really know the area? Or, are they giving me pricing information from a King County Market, when my property is located in Snohomish County. *Is the price they are giving me realistic or am I going to be disappointed? *Are they going to be close in proximity when needing to show my property in a moment's notice? I advise you to trust your gut instinct. This will be someone with whom you will have to deal with on a daily basis, during the time it takes for you to sell or purchase your home. You don't want to feel like you are a burden or wonder if your agent’s advice is trustworthy or credible. I have put a link, on my Home page, to offer a list of client referrals: My REFERENCES. Take the time to contact any one of them to find out the real opinions of my clients. I trust that the quality of my work, trustworthiness and effectiveness will far exceed that of any of my competitors.


As a Windermere Real Estate Professional, we all have access to the same tools for advertising & marketing. It is a matter of how many of these tools we are aware of, willing to pay for or recommend to our clients. Buyers and Sellers are becoming more internet savvy - a higher percentage of searches are being innitiated on-line. Therefore, My Marketing Plan includes both the traditional Hard Copy means of promotion - as well as the new, more innovative and technologically advanced methods, such as: E-flyers, Web based Marketing and adding links to direct traffic to your listing. All of these new tools - maximize the visibility of your property making it easily visible to a mass population. Technology combined with more traditional means - including: Advertising in the Northwest Multiple Listing database - viewed by over 5,000 agents, who are all eager to sell to their Buyers. (**NOTE: Any agent can bring a Buyer to your listing.) -15 Professional looking Photos to showcasing all of the selling points of your property -Ads in: The Real Estate Book, Homes & Lands, The Everett Herald, The Snohomish Tribune & The Seattle Times. All traditional, hard copy avenues, to help promote your property. Hard Copy Color Flyers - for the neighbors, drive-by's & the general public. Postcards with your listing, sent to demographically targeted areas. Any other suggested venue that you might suggest or have access to. We will work together. I always welcome new ideas, suggestions or recommendations.


TANYA MOCK | CERTIFIED RELOCATION SPECIALIST ?WHY CHOOSE A WINDERMERE RELOCATION SPECIALIST? We care about you and your relocation experience. Your Windermere Relocation Account Manager selects a certified relocation specialist that matches your wants and needs. When you make the decision to accept a corporate relocation, our goal is to assist you with the process and help reduce the stress of buying or selling your home. Our Windermere Relocation team of experienced staff and specialists will help navigate you through the process so you can begin your new journey. Your positive relocation experience is our passion. Certified Relocation Specialist *Experienced Broker *Works closely with the Windermere Relocation Staff *Relocation Continuing Education – Certified Annually *Comprehends the difference between a traditional and relocation real estate transaction. *Knows the relocation process and paperwork *Understands relocation timelines and sense of urgency.


Staging is preparing the home for Market; creating an environment that will: 1.) Photograph at it's best & 2.) Appeal to a Mass Market. Staging is not interior design. Interior Design is tailored to one family's needs and likes while staging is marketing the home to appeal to a mass market. Fact: Staged Homes sell faster Fact: Staged Homes sell for more money